Strategist. Bridge-builder. Problem-solver. Advocate. Enthusiast.  FullSizeRender2I have 20 years of professional experience in marine conservation, wildlife advocacy, policy analysis and non-profit management and a proven track record on strategic planning and multi-stakeholder engagement. I have a profound understanding of that which occurs below the mean high tide line—from ocean planning and marine protected areas, to fisheries policy—and a passion for the local communities that rely upon a healthy ocean. But my area of expertise is expansive and reaches well beyond marine wildlife and policy. From cattle grazing and the Endangered Species Act, to wind energy and raptor mortality, I’ve delved deeply into many of the most critical issues facing our shared environment today. And for everything else, I’m a quick study.   My skill set is similarly comprehensive:

  • Strategist: Years of organizational leadership have instilled in me a big-picture vision for the art of the possible. I have experience drafting and implementing strategic plans; creating, seeking funding for and managing program budgets; leading countless conservation coalitions; and directing and supervising staff.
  • Bridge-builder: I have a knack for building and cultivating relationships, finding common ground with decision-makers, industry leaders and consumptive users alike. As a result, I am just as comfortable educating a legislator as I am spending the day on a commercial fishing boat.
  • Problem-solver: In fact, finding compromises among competing interests on contentious issues is my specialty.  I have the background and training to understand the scientific and legal technicalities of the most complex conservation issues, but can boil it all down in a digestible way.
  • Advocate: I hold a J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School, where I was awarded a Certificate in Natural Resources and Environmental Law.
  • Enthusiast: I relish opportunities to share my positions, perspectives and fish tales with others and am always keen to apply my unique background and skill set to a novel challenge or issue area. I would love to hear from you.